Jazz and Fusion
Stage Band
  • Elbo Macaroni #35 (1982)
    Instruments: Stage Band
    Price: $3

    A group improvisation format for stage band. No music is written out; each player's part consists of three written desciptions of different ways of playing that are idiomatic to the instrument (the group can easily invent additions to these). The conductor's "score" consists of a list of all of these parts, and a list of hand signals used to initiate and control the playing of them. Thus a performance begins with the conductor as chief "composer," but the playing will quickly get off the page and some remarkable textures will result. Especially effective as an introduction to another piece of more conventional construction.
  • Skunkbait (1978)
    Instruments: Stage Band
    Price: $10

    Weird funk; head in 7, bridge in 2, coda in fast 7. Middle section is an unaccompanied open drum solo. Scored for 5 saxes, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones (doubling of brass parts works well), guitar, piano, bass, drums.
  • Excerpts
    Squirrelly-ology (2001)
    Instruments: Combo
    Price: $2

    Head in unison with chords at ends of phrases only, essentially a very chromatic blues; Bridge is a less active line with changes; return of head includes upper harmony line, with last lick in unison (a quote from Scheherazade). F minor blues for blowing changes. $2, directly from me; I'll send a master from which you can make a limited number of copies.
Guitar Ensemble
  • Stop the Time, I Want to Get Off! (1999)
    Instruments: Guitar Ensemble
    Price: $25

    This one is quick bop throughout, with frequent interruptions of the meter. Each solo improv begins with blues changes in stop time, and then continues in a steady Eb blues; this section may be repeated as often as desired for each soloist, and can be varied in any way the group sees fit. Available from University of Northern Colorado Jazz Press.
  • Swig Shift (1998)
    Instruments: Guitar Ensemble
    Price: $25

    Swing Shift uses a medium-funk groove for the head sections while bridge sections are straight-ahead, double-time swing. Swing 8th notes are constant throughout. The solo improv section is in two parts that alternate between these two styles - the first using a modified blues progression and the second using the harmonies from the bridge. Available from University of Northern Colorado Jazz Press.
  • Get 'em While They're Hot (1996)
    Instruments: 5 Electric Guitars, Bass, Drums
    Price: $25

    Gritty, mid-tempo fusion. Most of the way, guitars 1 & 2 take the melody (in 2-part harmony), guitar 3 plays sustained chords, guitar 4 plays a choppy ostinato in perfect 4ths, and guitar 5 doubles the bass. Improv solos in the middle for guitars 1 & 2. Most parts are completely written out, including guitar 3's chord voicings. Available from University of Northern Colorado Jazz Press.
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