Ordering Information:

All listed music that is not commercially published is available directly from me; all prices for this music include postage. I will refund the purchase price of any music returned to me in new condition; I will not refund return postage. You will receive all materials necessary to perform the work: a comb-bound score and parts, printed on heavy paper. I will also include a demo recording with your purchase if one is available. All pieces are nicely computer-engraved unless otherwise noted. (From about 1990-1996, I used a program called Music Publisher; that company went out of business, and since '96 I've been using an excellent program called Overture.)

Except for those listed on the Recordings page, all recordings mentioned in the catalogues are for demonstration purposes only and are available only from me directly. Within limits, I am willing to send these to help you preview a piece; I can also send a limited number of brief excerpts from scores. My prices are kept as low as possible—designed simply to cover materials, assembly, and postage.

To order music from me: I have only one method—print the order form, fill it out, and send it with the full purchase price in check or money order; I will send your music within one week of receiving your order. Please fill the order form out completely, including your e-mail in case I need to contact you about your order.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot send you my published music. You must either deal directly with the publishers (most offer mail delivery service, with ordering over the phone or the Internet), or by ordering through a sheet music dealer. You may be able to get some of these things off the shelf at a dealer—especially piano music. Links are provided to all publishers that support web sites; refer to the following publisher info section for addresses and phone numbers. Prices charged by these publishers are very reasonable.


Frank E. Warren Music Service
29 South Main Street
Sharon, MA 02067
(781) 784-0336
Fax: (781) 784-6492
e-mail: fewpub@juno.com
Latham Music, Ltd.
4407 Providence Lane, Suite B
Winston-Salem, NC 27106
(800) 645-7022
e-mail: music@lathammusic.com
Ludwin Music
3618 Cazador Street
Los Angeles, CA 90065
(323) 257-5735
FAX (323) 255-5946
Manduca Music Publications
P.O. Box 10550
Portland, ME 04104
(800) 626-3822
e-mail: mark@manducamusic.com
Little Piper Music Publications
P.O. Box 14038
Detroit, MI 48214
(810) 540-7970
TAP Music Sales
1992 Hunter Ave.
Newton, IA 50208
(800) 554-7628
Neil A. Kjos Music Company
4380 Jutland Drive
San Diego, CA 92117
(800) 854-1592
Warner Brothers Publications
15800 N. W. 48th Avenue
P.O. Box 4340
Miami, FL 33014
(800) 327-7643 (website not helpful)
Ordering Information
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