Band & Wind Ensemble Music
  • Aliens in the Band Room (2000)
    Instruments: Band
    Duration: 3 minutes
    Difficulty: Intermediate

    Fast, with lots of percussion and mock-serious eerie sounds. As of now, it is really a project in progress, as it has yet to be scored, performed, or submitted to publishers. If someone out there expresses an interest in this, it will prompt me to hurry.
  • Excerpt
    Tango de Hippo (2000)
    Instruments: Band
    Duration: 3 minutes
    Difficulty: Grade 3
    Price: $60

    Slow and silly tango for two hippopotami who leave much wreckage in their wake. Includes my first ever part for whoopee cushion. Premiered Spring 2001 by the Hughes Academy 8th Grade Band, Jane Bauer, conductor. Recording available. Order from Imagine Music Co. here.
  • Excerpt
    Polka Impetuoso (1987)
    Instruments: Band
    Duration: about 2:15
    Difficulty: Grade 5
    Price: score $10

    A vigorous (144+) polka, with occasional wrong notes and quotes from "Roll Out the Barrel." Published in 1991 by Kjos Music Music Co., listed here. They mention only the score... call them to inquire about parts.
  • Three Inventions (1987)
    Instruments: Wind Ensemble
    Duration: 11 minutes
    Difficulty: Grade 5
    Price: $20

    Three movements: "Fantasia Agitato" (moderate tempo, brief melodic motives), "Elegy" (slow, lyrical solo for baritone horn), and "Ostinato Energico" (fast 7/4). Grade 5, standard band instrumentation; does not require a large group to be effective. Engraving is in progress... I'm looking for a publisher for this one.
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