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From the links at the top of the page you can browse through my compositions with excerpts of scores and matching recordings. Check out the NewerTube link on the right for a few select performances. A link to an order form is provided at the bottom of each Works page for those items that are not published.

The Fine Arts Center link will take you to the website of the school where I have taught music theory since 1988. There you can learn about FAC programs, see a calendar of events, view my class syllabi, and so on.

Edgewise is my jazz quartet and the link on will take you to notifications of upcoming appearances and other activities.

Like every composer, I'd like to spread my music as widely as possible. I hope you find the site inviting and informative, and I hope you find some appealing music. I welcome all questions and feedback. Feel free to contact me at newertunes@hotmail.com.
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